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Announcer shines at Vergas Wiener Dog Races

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VERGAS, MINN. -- Yep, a literal race of wiener dogs.

This man, simply known as "Digger," has been a part of it since the beginning, "I'm the self proclaimed president of the N.W.D.R.A which is the National Wiener Dog Racing Association."

An organization that isn't exactly legit, "In Reality it's just all a hoax, we could put whatever name we wanted on it, but it's all in good fun."

This president of the fictional N.W.D.R.A is also the event announcer.The choice of words make it an interesting topic to announcer, "When you're talking about wiener dogs, you can kind of step into the gray area where the kids are all snickering and laughing about what was just said and meanwhile the moms are blushing."

Digger does this well.

These races aren't just about making moms blush.

They're about the athletes like Lucy, who's gone through some serious training.

"I've even had her on the four wheeler running beside me, I had her up to fourteen miles an hour I clocked her," said Lucy's owner Tony Palubicki.

The winning wiener will go home with a trophy, but Lucy and her Dad Tony know what's most important, "It's about fun and just getting out and having a good time."

Those good times draw in quite the crowd.

Digger tells me more than one thousand people watch every year, "Everybody's leaning over each other's shoulders to get a good look at their favorite wiener."

Wiener jokes aside, these stubby athletes are a great excuse to get outside and enjoy small town life.

Digger also announces the "Wiener dog races on Ice" at Scheels Arena.