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Greywind family speaks out after Savanna's killer sentenced to life behind bars

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FARGO -- For Savanna's family Friday's sentencing was nearly unbearable.

It's the first time they heard the sinister details of how Savanna was murdered and how her daughter was kidnapped from her womb.

Friday night, she tells us with why some of the family was not happy with the sentence.

Savanna's loved ones all came together after Brooke Lynn Crews was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

While they got the sentence they hoped for some of them say, it's just not enough.

Kayla Greywind says no amount of time will ever bring justice to her sister's stolen life.

"Brooke Crews does not deserve to live, that's all I have to say, that's how I feel. Savanna deserved life. She deserved to be a mother to her child," said Kayla Greywind.

From fear to hope, desperation and grief, it's been five months of hell all leading up to this day.

"Today is the first day I learned of how my daughter was murdered and how my granddaughter was taken from her," said Norberta Greywind, Savanna's mom.

Even though she's gone, Savanna's reflection lives on in her daugher, Haisley Jo.

"Every day I'm reminded of her more and more, because every day she grows, she's starting to look more like her mother," said Ashton Matheny, Savanna's Boyfriend.

Always wondering what would have been, especially when thinking of the past.

"Our seven year anniversary is coming up on March 20th," said Matheny, "they took the love of my life away, she stripped my future away from me."

Now, Crews' apologies fall on deaf ears.

"Brooke Crews, I feel like she, she shouldn't have even been talking, she didn't even have a reason to cry in court. Her cries mean nothing to me," said Kayla.

While the darkness is not over, a piece of it will be put away for a lifetime.

"We will continue to keep my daughter's legacy alive," said Norberta.

Savanna's father Joe couldn't bear to sit in the courtroom while Brooke Crews spoke.

Afterwards he and the family, thanked the community for all they've done, from the search, to the support after losing Savanna.