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National Poison Prevention Week: A reminder of what to keep away from your pets

FARGO—There's a warning to think about your four-legged friends, as we start National Poison Prevention Week.

Homeward Animal Shelter says it's important to know where your medications and household cleaners are, because those are the most common items animals can get into.

The shelter also wants to remind people that just because other items like certain plants, and foods are okay for you it doesn't mean they're safe for your pet.

That's why weeks like this are good for people to start thinking about what's in their home.

"Gives you time to take note of the items that could be potentially toxic to your pet, and making sure they're in a safe space in your home so they can't get into them," said Heather Klefstand, with Homeward Animal Shelter.

There's a Pet Poison Helpline, if you think your animal has eaten something harmful call go