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Family tradition: Four generations walk the Fargo Marathon 5K

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FARGO, N.D. — Thousands of people gathered to watch and participate in the Fargo Marathon 5K Friday, May 18.

Everyone has their own reason for running or walking, but one woman stands out.

At 87 years old, Lois Bekkerus doesn't run, but for the past four years she has walked the course with four generations of family members.

That includes four grandkids and eight great-grandkids.

"Anything that they come up with, if I can do it, I will," says Lois.

Keeping up with so many loved ones takes practice.

"I've been practicing, walking in the house this winter because I didn't want to go on the ice, so I keep in shape," says Lois.

When the weather is nice, she heads to her driveway, usually with her husband by her side.

It's calm around her home near Glyndon while she "practices," but Lois says she enjoys going into town with all of the marathon excitement.

"To see the activities and the music they play, just people bustling around, it's nice to be part of that."

The biggest draw for her is the family time spent together.

It's a lesson she hopes to pass on to the younger generations walking beside her.

"I hope they learn what's important in life, and what they can do together and alone."

Lois says she plans on continuing the 5K tradition next year with her family.