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University Drive, I-94 construction project causing frustration for drivers

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FARGO—More orange cones and more problems; a major lane adjustment in construction zones is causing confusion and anger for drivers in South Fargo.

It's just after rush hour and as you can see behind me traffic isn't moving very fast through the area.

Overnight crews shifted traffic to only the west lanes to begin construction, but not without a few upset drivers.

We're just over a week into the University Drive and I-94 project and drivers are frustrated.

Built up congestion from fewer lanes and paired with fast changing turn signals only letting a few cars get off the interstate with each light, creating more and more congestion.

"I mean it's different every other day, they keep switching it up," said Hailey Schmitke, Driver.

City engineers say the new lane adjustments are creating confusing on where cars can and cannot go.

"Usually on the first day when we make a big traffic change, we catch a lot of people off guard," said Jeremy Gordon, City Engineer.

The delays have some drivers telling us it takes them more than half and hour to get through the half mile stretch.

"I'll probably go a different way then, I didn't know it was going to be that long," said Schmitke.

City engineers say they do look at traffic flow during the first few days and adjust.

"Signal timings, we're already making changes on those. We'll watch as it goes, but we can adjust timings," said Gordon.

Despite a 'bumpy' start, engineers are confident things will smooth out in the coming days.

The city is currently installing video sensors in the zone to monitor traffic flow better.

"Tonight's rush might be a little delayed, but by tomorrow it should be much better," said Gordon.

Gordon asks drivers to keep the bigger picture in mind.

"The pavement condition out there is bad, so when we're all said and done this will be a great project," said Gordon.

He says little frustration now, will be well worth it in the end.

City Engineers hope for this to be all cleared up by Labor Day.

You can find route maps and more information about the project, here