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Leaving pets in hot cars has its consequences

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FARGO—The Fargo Police Department is reminding all pet owners, to think before you walk away from a hot car.

You may have noticed a flier under your windshield wipers; a little reminder not to leave your pups in the car, as it's as much as 30 degrees hotter in a parked car as it is out here.

It's doggone hot out, and most pups like one named Ragnar, can only handle a little time out in a heavily shaded dog park.

Now imagine a hot car, where it can reach triple digits in a matter of minutes.

It doesn't sit well with Ragnar's owner, Josiah Fritzhuspen.

"It makes me furious especially since our temperatures are getting crazy hot. Even if the window is cracked you can see a dog panting. I usually go into whatever store i'm going into and ask if they can make an announcement," said Fritzhuspen.

It's also illegal; century code says you can't leave an animal in a car without ensuring it's health and officers can legally bust out windows, and animals can be taken away from their owners.

If you can't leave your dog with AC and a little water it may be best just to leave them at home.

"If you don't have to bring your dog don't do it," said Fritzhuspen.

When the heat makes you sweat like a pig, it's probably too hot for a dog.

The police department says if you see a hot dog locked in a car, it's best to call a non-emergency police line.