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Could water bottles be a fire hazard in your car?

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Getting enough water is incredibly important on blistering hot days, but according to some, it can also create a fire risk for drivers.

Some fire departments are even warning people about the possibility.

Water and fire just don't mix.

Which is why it seems absurd to some water can be a fire hazard.

"What? Probably not, no," responded Lexi Covey of Fargo when asked if she knew about the alleged risk.

"I suppose it depends what you fill it with. If you don't fill it with water..." joked another Fargo woman.

Leaving a bottle of water in your car, could actually be risky.

"I have like three in my car right now," says Covey's friend, Lexi Opheim of Fargo.

A video from Idaho Power shows a bottle being used to create smoke on a car's upholstery in a matter of seconds.

A few fire departments around the country have even warned about the possibility, including the Midwest City Fire Department in Oklahoma.

Basically, the bottle acts like a magnifying glass in the sun.

Think kid on an anthill.

It takes a lot to ignite, though.

A perfect storm of clear skies, bottle shape, distance and angle make it very unlikely to happen.

It would need to be perfect conditions in a parked car for there to be a real risk,but it's still possible. You'd have a tough time doing it by accident.

So fear not water bottle drinkers. Your car probably isn't in danger.

Long story short, if you just toss your bottles into the shade before you go, you should be just fine.

Local fire departments aren't aware of any incidents involving water bottles.

Some fire experts believe the beams created by bottles can reach more than 400 degrees.