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Parents back up daycare, fight to keep it open

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FARGO, ND - A north Fargo daycare is set to shut down after a group of kids got out and wandered close to a busy street.

Curious Kids Daycare had its license revoked in June from that incident two months before.

Now, parents are speaking out saying the punishment was too harsh.

One parent tells WDAY other daycares in the area have had similar situations happen and have only gotten warnings.

The mom says every parent who has a child there is on the daycare's side including the parents whose kids got out.

Some are reaching out to local and state agencies by writing letters in support of the daycare's owner.

"I think the parents are unanimous really in wanting to continue going there and sending their kids there, which is really a huge testament of our belief in her daycare," says parent Alison Vetter.

A request to renew their license was denied due to the ongoing investigation.

Curious Kids will close July 21st.