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Unknown testing: urine sample not necessary to test for drugs

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FARGO, N.D.—Dan Parker owner of "Any Lab Test now" conducts about 15 drug tests every day.

With the new school year, Dan is seeing a few more tests jumping to about 20 a day.

Most of them are the standard urine test, but some of the tests use other parts of the body.

That's right, drugs aren't just left behind in your toilet, but also in your nails and your hair.

And while testing for those is still pretty rare, it's slowly becoming more common.

And those tests can trace back farther than the usual 90 days.

"We do have labs that will go as long as your nails are and as long as your hair is - we can go as far back as a year, year and a half if we have to," said Parker.

The nail and hair tests are just like the urine test - they check for methamphetamines, opiates, cocaine, marijuana, and phencyclidine.

Besides the longevity of the test, the most notable difference is on the price tag.

Average prices for urine is about 50 dollars - a hair or nail test is a hundred dollars more.

For parents WDAY spoke with, the question isn't just price, but if it's moral to test a teen or young adult.

One Mother, Cindy Mbakellah, says if there's doubt, testing shouldn't be an issue.

"I think if you're a parent, it depends on your own beliefs, but I see no problem. If it was my child and I did the same thing - that's my child," said Mbakellah.

And when it comes down to the decision about whether or not to test loved ones - he says it's all about "Trust - with Verification"

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