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Business loses $600 per day because of University Drive construction

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FARGO - Small businesses along University Drive South say the end of construction can't come soon enough.

Businesses are reporting hundreds of dollars in losses because their entrances are difficult to get through with the 'Interchange Improvement Project.'

Taco Shop manager, Allison Smith, says business has been so slow they've had to cut staffing hours. Customers have continued to decline since the project started in May.

"This last phase that they switched to has been a lot harder," says Allison Smith Taco Shop Manager. "We've been a lot slower. It makes it hard."

Taco Shop is cornered right in the heart of the project. Customers now driving North on University Drive South cannot turn left into Taco Shop's parking lot.

Our WDAY News crew tested out how long it would take a northbound driver to get through the traffic, turn around, and make a right into the Taco Shop parking lot.

At peak rush hour time, it takes around 15 minutes to get there from the beginning of the project.

"Yesterday was a pretty good day. Monday was really slow. We just can't predict it," says Smith.

The restaurant has cut staffing hours to compensate for the losses, but makes it difficult when it unexpectedly turns out to be a busy day.

Smith reports losing around $600 dollars per day because of the construction, which is roughly $18,000 per month. Summer is considered Taco Shop's busiest time of year, but business right now is equivalent to its winter profit.

"For a small business, it makes a difference," says Smith.

The City of Fargo has scheduled the project to be done by mid-September.