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After a spike in drug overdoses, roundtable discussion looks for solution

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A major spike in drug overdoses in the past month made a roundtable discussion today with a famous billionaire's son all the more timely in Fargo.

Senator Heidi Heitkamp hosted the discussion with philanthropist, Howard Buffett.

Howard is the son of well-known businessman, Warren Buffett.

Howard's also a county sheriff in Illinois.

The duo discussed ways to combat substance abuse - possible solutions to the addiction crisis.

They also talked about how to keep recovered addicts from relapsing.

"Every story to me is amazing what people have sacrificed, what they've lost, what they've given up and they a lot of times just go right back to it,” says Illinois Sheriff Howard Buffett.

Heitkamp says bringing in a voice from outside the area brings diversity to the conversation about how to solve the epidemic.