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Recovering your ride: How to get your stolen bike back from police

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FARGO—A concerned apartment manager called Fargo Police, claiming a tenant had 15 stolen bikes in their garage.

"Officers arrived they were not able to locate or even contact the individual who owned the garage, so they weren't able to legally go in there and take a look at these bicycles," Fargo Police Department Public Information Officer Jessica Schindeldecker said.

Which prompted us to ask the question, what steps do you need to take to get your stolen bike back once police find it?

Information, Moorhead resident, Connor Hanson and his roomates have a vested interest in.

"I've had a bike stolen, my roommates have had a bike stolen, so it's definitely a problem in this area. We've had them in our yard, by our cars and apparently people just come up and grab them out from underneath us," Moorhead resident Connor Hanson said.

Even though it may seem like a minor crime to some, police say the best and first thing you need to do is report your bike stolen.

"A lot of times people don't wanna bother us with those types of reports cuz it's not as important they don't think, but all reports are important cuz a lot times it might not just be you that had their bike stolen it might've been multiple people," Officer Schindeldecker said.

There are a couple ways to make sure you get your bike back, and they both involve taking pictures.

First take a picture of the registration number, which you can usually find somewhere on the frame.

The next thing is just to have a picture on hand of you with your bike, and if you get your bike stolen in Fargo just a good description will do the trick.

"If you come in and you're able to say you know I have a blue mountain bike, and um it was about this size about this tire width, here's some distinguishing marks on there and are able to articulate identifying information about it, then you'll get that bike back," Officer Schindeldecker said.

And, it's best to be quick about claiming your bike. If you don't it will be auctioned off.

WDAY News made phone calls to all the metro police departments, West Fargo and Moorhead follow very similar policies.