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Local woman turns to social media to help find her grandfathers stolen dog tags

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After a piece of family history was stolen from her car, a Moorhead woman is desperately trying to get it back.

An early morning car break-in on Friday, March 23rd left a piece of Heather Anderson's family history gone.

The thief stole nothing other than her grandfather's dog tags, hanging from her driver's mirror.

"I did everything right, they say lock your door, i had my door locked, I had nothing of value in it- except for to me," says Anderson.

Anderson's grandfather, Purcell Hovland, served in the Korean War and after he passed three years ago, these dog tags are a way to remember him.

"That's just a piece of me that they took that's not worth anything to anybody but me and they can't do anything with it," says Anderson.

Now, she's taking to the the internet to help get the tags back.

She posted this message on Facebook, asking for anyone to keep their eyes open for her keepsake.

"Lot of people reaching out saying that they're looking for it, they're physically going to pawn shops for me looking for it, so that's been great. Like I said, I'm just hoping they just threw it in the street or something and somebody can find it and get it back," says Smith

In the facebook post she writes, "zero questions asked and reward for bringing it home".

"If it's them and they remember they can just throw it at the end of the drive way or they can lie and go to the grocery store and say they found it in the parking lot and turn it in to anybody - no questions asked. I don't care. I just want it back. I don't care who brings it back," says Anderson.

The post has been shared nearly 200 times.

Now she hopes it's just a matter of time, before her plea to the public pays off.

"Anybody that can bring it home because that thing is worth more than...anything," says Anderson.

Trusting the power of social media to find her priceless keepsake.

The Anderson's are offering a cash reward for anyone who returns the necklace.

The dogtags have a small dent towards the bottom, and the chain also holds a wooden cross and a pendant.