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NDSU takes learning on the road with a mobile science museum

FARGO -- A handful of professors and students at NDSU want to share the fun of science, with a mobile science museum.

It's an augmented-reality sandbox that brings things like flooding and hills to life.

Now, the group wants to create a 'mobile science museum' to bring it to area classrooms and students.

They have developed this survey to gauge interest from people in the community.

In just two days they've received more than 1,200 responses. Most of them are positive.

"The community response has strong to this idea that I think, the sooner the better. We are ready to get started on it," says Assistant Professor Lydia Tackett, NDSU Geo Sciences.

The group would like to have the mobile museum up and running next spring.

If you would like to take the survey, you can do so HERE.