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The business and parking effect of Block 9 construction

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FARGO — Downtown is looking at roughly two years of loud construction and fewer parking spots while the Block 9 tower goes up.

They're expecting a drop in customers, but the so-called "master barbers" at Everett's Barbershop in downtown Fargo think they have enough regulars to stay open.

Their shop is right across from Block 9's construction, where they say they can literally feel its effects.

"When they did the soil testing over there though, they were just like pounding for like two days straight and it was definitely like, pictures fell off the wall," said master barber Maureen Robinson.

A lot of their usual parking spots were absorbed by the construction site, so they're encouraging customers to use the new parking ramp, just a few blocks away.

With other smaller projects throughout downtown, the street parking hunt can get pretty difficult.

A Kilbourne representative said they're doing as much as they can to keep Block 9's Construction as "low impact" as possible.

There are parallel parking spaces available along the barriers on Broadway, and there's also room for a temporary sidewalk.

Loud construction noise will only happen from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. all year round. Workers will park inside the site.

WDAY-TV has learned if ESPN "College GameDay" were to come back to downtown Fargo, Kilbourne would agree to temporarily move parts of the site and hold off from construction work during the big event.

"We would invite them with open arms," said Keith Leier, a project manager with Kilbourne Group. "We would be working with the city or whoever's running that to make sure that our site is both safe and secure."

We reached out to ESPN and asked if this construction would keep them from coming back.

They said they can't speculate, there are "too many hypotheticals."