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Phil Jackson returns to UND to receive Sioux Award

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GRAND FORKS - UND's most prominent alum was back in Grand Forks Thursday night. 

Basketball hall of famer Phil Jackson was honored  by receiving the Sioux Award, which is the highest honor given by the UND Alumni Association for achievement, service and loyalty.

Before his NBA career, Jackson played three years at UND, where he averaged 27 points a game his senior year, the highest still in school history.

He said Thursday he had a loyalty for UND even before he arrived.

"By the way, the University of Minnesota invited me to come by train to watch their state tournament the next week. Guess who my roommate was... Paul Prestus," Jackson said.

"And he said, you know, I've always wanted to go to the University of Minnesota ever since I was a kid and I said well good, you're probably going to go here but I'm going to North Dakota."