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Detroit Lake elementary kids invited to the Super Bowl experience by Saints punter

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The big game on Sunday may turn out to be secondary to the Superbowl Experience for some big hearted Detroit Lakes elementary students.

At the Superbowl Experience is an experience unlike anything else.

It's super-sized for the Super Bowl, and one Detroit Lakes Class gets to enjoy it, thanks to some super sized generostiy.

For many football fans, a visit to the "Superbowl Experience" is a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

For Mr. Alton's 4th grade class from Detroit Lakes, it's something that grew, out of what they gave.

You could see the anticipation as the kids waited for the highlight of their incredible day, one three weeks in the making.

While watching the Viking beat the Saints in the NFL divisional playoff round, their teacher Mr. Alton noticed one New Orleans player's grit and sportsmanship.

Punter Thomas Morstead injured his ribs, but continued to play, including the final play of the game, a meaningless kneeldown while many players had already headed for the locker room.

So when Mr. Alton heard some Minnesota fans were raising money for Morstead's foundation, he asked his kids if they'd be interested in helping.

It started small, but what they gave grew.

The class gathered $64 dollars for the punter's foundation.

When he found out, Morstead had a surprise for the generous kids from DL.

An invite to the Superbowl Experience.

After a day of play, a chance to meet Morstead.

"That's what propelled all of this so far in the first place- is people giving to other people when they may never see the benefits of their gifts," Morstead said.

Morstead's Saints will be in Minneapolis this fall, so who knows? A reunioun could be on the horizon.

Mr Alton's class wasn't the only group to contribute to Morstead's Foundation.

His foundation, "What You Give Will Grow" provides funds to Children's Hospitals and Child Life specialists.

Minnesota fans helped raise more than $220,000 dollars for Children's Minneapolis.

The gift will help professionals to comfort and work with sick children.

Morstead was joined by the Viking who injured his ribs during the playoff game, Marcus Sherels, as he presented the check.

More information on Morstead's foundation can be found here.